We spend a lot of time creating images and writing posts for Social Media and it can get overwhelming.


You get to the following week and think, ‘I need to promote the same thing but how do I do it without repeating myself’?


Or ‘I have to share this on Instagram as well as Facebook, but I don’t want to annoy people who follow me on both platforms’?


Enter Repurposing!


Repurposing your content is just a fancy way of saying ‘how to reuse the same blog post or customer testimonial (content) in a different way (repurposing)!


I’m going to teach you a sure-fire way to create three new pieces of content from one!

Main Piece of Content (MPC)


You need to choose the main piece of content that you want to repurpose, I recommend choosing one of the following:


  • Customer Testimonial
  • Blog Post
  • Behind The Scenes


For the purpose of this exercise, we are going to use a customer testimonial as it’s something we will all have received during our career.


Find The Content


This could be a review on Facebook/Instagram, a comment in a group/page you run or even a message on a post-it note!


Have a look through the comments on your posts, in your group (if you have one), any reviews left on your Facebook page/google business account etc and any emails or thank you cards you may have been given.


We are going to turn that one piece of content into the following:




There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Take a screenshot of review/comment
  2. Copy the text into an app of your choosing where you can add text to a picture
  3. Use Canva to create a pretty quote image


Always check with your customer that they are happy for you to share their name with the testimonial/review.



You can record yourself with your phone, reading out a customer testimonial.


If you have a smartphone, you can do this in the InShot App, voice memos or record it on your laptop/desktop using free software such as Garage Band (Mac only) or Audacity.


Make sure there is no background noise when you record and speak nice and clearly!




You have a couple of options with this one, you can:


  • Record a video using the customer testimonial as an image with you reading it out (you only hear your voice)
  • Record a video of yourself speaking about how pleased you are about this particular testimonial you’ve received
  • Do a slideshow video of a few customer testimonials with some background music

If you record a video of yourself, make sure your background is clear, you speak clearly and you are well lit so you can be seen!

Supporting Text (Copy)


Having great images and video are great but you need to make sure you have detailed text to go with the image, telling potential customers where to go/what to do next!


Make sure you tweak the text for each platform, use hashtags where relevant and direct people to your class details e.g. Put the link to your timetable in your bio on Instagram and tell people to go and check it out!




It doesn’t take long to create these pieces of content, you could quite easily do this in a couple of hours, then you have three new pieces of content you can share across different platforms!


Written by Mel Bridger – The Mummy Trainer


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