When we use Social Media to promote our businesses, there is one area that is often overlooked, our cover photos!


Your cover photo is a ‘valuable piece of Real Estate’ as the Americans would say – In other words, it’s somewhere else for you to use to advertise your business and it’s free!


Here is an example of a cover photo that I used to promote the FINE event we ran earlier this year.


We are going to go into a bit more detail about each platform now.




You have cover photos in four main areas on Facebook:


  • Groups
  • Personal Profile
  • Pages
  • Events


If you run a business, you should definitely be using your Group and Facebook Page to promote it!


Things to know


  • You can upload images and video as your cover content.
  • You can select auto play for the video so it starts as soon as the person clicks on your page/group/event.

Bonus Tip – Video


This feature is great as it gives you the chance to showcase your classes – You can put together a quick clip of your classes and upload it as you would an image.


If you are confident enough to edit, maybe add some text at the end of the video promoting a special offer or your website details.


Make sure the video is filmed in landscape, not portrait!




Your cover photo on Twitter is on your profile. I use Twitter for Social Engagement and I promote FINE events on there.


You may not use Twitter for business, but it is always worth putting a cover photo on there to let people know where they can find you.


Things to know


  • You can upload images as your cover photo.
  • You need to make sure you leave room on your cover photo for your profile picture which is on the left hand side.



Your cover photo on LinkedIn are on your Profile and on Company Pages.


I don’t use LinkedIn for clients /students, but I do promote FINE events on there.


Things to know

  • You can upload images as your cover photo
  • You need to make sure you leave room on your cover photo for your profile picture which is on the left hand side



Canva have templates for each platform so you do not need to worry about creating the sizing from scratch.


I would recommend using high quality images for your cover photos, using low quality as can affect the way it is viewed and that can look unprofessional.


If you have a paid Canva account, you can resize the images for the different platforms which will save you a ton of time!

What to put on there


Here are a few ideas for your cover photos, just in case you felt a bit stuck!


  • Class Timetable
  • Special Offers
  • Event Details
  • Website Details
  • Ask People to like and share your page
  • Promote your Newsletter


The key is not to use too much text, Social Media is visual and so images are going to draw more attention.


On Facebook, you can also use the photo description box to provide more information.

Things to consider


Try and use personal images where possible – I believe this makes you more approachable and you stand out from other people in your industry.


You can us stock images if you feel stuck or want something a bit more polished.


Canva have quite a good range of free stock images, you can also use websites like Unsplash and Rawpixel.


I am on the mailing list of a few stock image websites and I receive free photos each month.


You can also purchase stock images if you want more variety – here is an affiliate link to one of the websites I get images from (I receive a small amount of commission if you purchase images from them).

Getting Started


Here’s a checklist for you to follow:

  • Jot down some ideas for your cover photo
  • Collect some images and video footage that you can use
  • Sign Up/Log In to Canva
  • Start creating your cover photos (use the templates if you are stuck for design ideas)
  • Get them uploaded to Social Media!



So, are you ready to have a go?


It will take a bit of time but once you get started, you will be able to create cover photos for every occasion and boost your business!

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