Awareness Days are becoming more and more popular, there seems to be a National, International or World day for everything!

Some are silly, some are bizarre, some raise awareness for incredible causes, and some are there to remind you of incredible people and unthinkable experiences.


Why Should I Use Them?


People want to read interesting content and they don’t want to feel like they are being sold to every time a notification pops up to say you’ve posted something new on your business page.

They want to know (albeit subconsciously) that you are going to appeal to their pain points (what their problems are) via content that is informative, interesting and easy to digest.

Getting Started


Finding Awareness Days that are relevant to your industry shouldn’t be too difficult, a quick google search can help you to locate websites that list these days.


Here are my top tips for creating content for Awareness Days:


  1. Make a list of a few National Days (International if they are well known) that are happening within the next couple of months.
  2. Write down 2-4 things next to each day that you could write about to make it relevant to your industry and your business.
  3. Create images to go with each day, add your website/social media page/details to the image (I use Canva to create mine)
  4. Make a list of popular hashtags that will go with the awareness day hashtag (this is more for Instagram and Twitter), again a quick google search will help.
  5. Complete the text for your post, remembering to include your hashtags (hashtags are there to help people search for content)
  6. Schedule the posts to go out on Social Media
  7. Rinse and Repeat throughout the year


Making a List


There are websites where you can find lists of awareness days.


Some are free, some have paid options that go into a lot more detail and usually provide a downloadable planner for the year.


Put aside an hour and write a list of all of the relevant days/days your audience may be interested in reading about.


This will be your starting point for your posts.


Writing your posts


Make sure your posts are personal, informative and easy to read, I’ve provided a few ideas below:


  • Personal Experience
  • Top Tip
  • Recipe
  • Workout


If you can provide something your audience can take away with them or share, this is the best type of post.

Make sure you write your posts out in Word/Notes before you put them on Social Media.

There’s nothing worse than writing a post out and then it crashes and loses all of your text!


Using Hashtags


Hashtags are designed to help people find information relating to a particular topic.

The Awareness Day will have its own hashtag, it may have more than one that includes the year of posting so make sure you use both of those!


Hashtags are used predominantly on Twitter (2-3) and Instagram (up to 30), if you are going to use them on Facebook, just use the awareness day hashtag.


Creating Images


Most (if not all) image/photo editing apps have the square option so you can create them directly from your phone.

Try to use personal images if you can, stock images are fine if you don’t have anything suitable.

Using your own images helps you to stand out, especially if it’s a popular awareness day.

I create my images on my Laptop and I like to create a few at a time so I’m not rushing to get them done on the day (preparation is key)!

Canva has ready-made templates for you to use, I recommend using the Social Media post template which is square and suitable for most platforms.

Here are some examples of images I created using Awareness Days:


If you are stuck or not feeling particularly creative, have a look at what is already out there and take inspiration from the images you see.


Remember not to use the images you find on Google as they belong to other people and you may find yourself subject to a copyright complaint!


Scheduling Posts


The Facebook native scheduler is free to use and fairly straightforward.

This will save you so much time and you can choose when the best time to post is using the insights tab.


Tweetdeck is free to use for scheduling Twitter Posts and can be used on your tablet/phone so you can schedule on the go.


I use Tailwind and to schedule posts for Instagram – Both have free accounts available.


I have a code for Later if you want to try out their paid plan:! Code is “MUMMYTRAINER” you get your first month for free.

Make yourself a list of days that are relevant to your industry and start creating your content!


I’ve created a handy checklist that you can download and complete if you need a helping hand.


Just enter your details below and you will be able to download your checklist straight away!

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